Day 6 – Not a Blog Sorry

Hi angels! I’m calling a mental health day so I’m not giving you a blog post tonight I’m SORRY! I should be back tomorrow though! My throat is really sore I’ve not had a great day and I now have a headache and seriously need to sleep and decided that me being healthy is more […]

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HI!!!!!!!! I am ridiculously excited for Christmas. Unreasonably so. Today I had my last Drama session until January and I brought in Christmas cards and chocolates! And everybody seemed so happy and I loved it mainly because I adore giving to people and it seemed to brighten up their day which was so cute. Today […]

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A little catch-up

So far this year, I have definitely not kept to my blogging schedule or posted what I was planning to do at all. Which is a bit stupid and not really what I wanted but oh well – I’m not good at time keeping. I just thought that I might as well tell you some […]

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